Campus and Online Doctorate Degree Programs Guide

Doctorate Degrees are the highest level of education a student can obtain, taking several years of school to achieve. However, after one obtains a bachelor degree, many doctorate programs can be completed in as little as three years, making this degree an excellent choice for those who want to continue their education or advance their careers. Below are among the best schools with online doctorate degrees available.

Northcentral University Psychology eLearning Accounting Marketing Financial Management Health Care Admin Public Admin Northcentral University – Northcentral University is a respected university that offers many different doctorate degree programs. Their flexible schedules allow you to pursue a degree in things such as entering information technologies, studying psychology, influencing technology course curriculum, teaching abroard, becoming a business administrator, becoming a financial manager, becoming a health care administrator, playing a leadership role in marketing, and becoming a criminal justice official.
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Walden University Criminal Justice Educational Technology Walden University – Walden University is a world-renowned leader in education and offers doctor degree programs for a wide range of subjects that can be completed at your convenience, including obtaining a high level criminal justice degree, teaching at a high level, online education, managing information systems, becoming a health policy director, becoming a public health manager, or entering psychology.
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Grand Canyon University Education Grand Canyon University – While a Christian school, GCU offers several degrees outside of Christian studies like the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership degree program. This programs is designed to shape tomorrow's leaders in education as trustworthy, strong individuals. The curriculum includes literature in statistics, leadership, existing theory, and research methodology.
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Colorado Technical University Project Management Computer Science Big Data Analysis Homeland Security Higher Education Teaching and Learning Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University's respected doctor degree programs, including Doctorates in project management, computer science, and big data analysis, are affordable and can be completed at your time.
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Liberty University Doctor of Edu. Leadership Doctor of Teaching Liberty University – Known for their economical prices, Liberty University offers an accredited online doctorate degree program for those who wish to go into educational leadership and teaching and learning.
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Saint Leo University Doctorate in Business Admin Doctorate in School Leadership Doctorate in Homeland Security Doctorate in Justice Education Saint Leo University – Saint Leo University offers several accredited online doctorates programs to its course catalog across a broad range of disciplines. These include: Business: Administration, Education: School Leadership, Criminal Justice: Homeland Security, and Criminal Justice: Education. These programs are great for students who must balance school with busy or inconsistent schedules.
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AT Still Health Education Physical Therapy Health Sciences Audiology AT Still – AT Still is one of the nation's most trusted and longest-lasting colleges that focuses on health science and other related subjects. AT Still has crafted its course catalog to target students who are looking to advance their careers with a post graduate degree. AT Still also offers four doctorates degrees online, like Health Education, Physical Therapy, Health Sciences, and Audiology.
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University of Southern California Organizational Change and Leadership University of Southern California – University of Southern California's industry-driven degree programs provide the skills needed to excel in the degree of your choice. They offer an online accredited doctorate degree in EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership for students who want to quickly achieve their goals.
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What Does it Mean to Earn an Online Doctorate Degree?

A doctorate degree is a doctorate degree, whether you earn it through online coursework or campus-based coursework. When you graduate with an online doctorate degree from an accredited institution, you are graduating with the same credentials and knowledge as those who completed their degrees on campus.

Earning your doctorate degree online means that you will complete your required coursework through your personal computer at home, work, or anywhere where there is internet access. Your notes will often be in slideshow format and you may have video and audio lectures. To complete projects, theses, and dissertations, doctoral students often use online research databases and conduct their own research. Because these databases and research design programs can be utilized on-campus and off-campus, online doctoral students are given the same access to the tools and information they need to succeed and graduate at the top.

Most PhD students who are required to complete a thesis or dissertation have a mentor (a professor who supervises their research work). Online doctoral students are also provided with a mentor. If the online college you plan to attend has a campus near your home, you can schedule face-to-face visits with your mentor at any time. If you are unable to visit the campus in person, you will be required to regularly communicate with your mentor through email. Many online colleges now provide the ability to video-chat with your teachers, professors, and mentors as well.

Both campus-based and online doctorate coursework require a lot of independent work, so there isn’t much of a difference in the support system offered by either degree route. When you complete your program online, you will have all the tools and support you need. The only difference is that online coursework provides you with the flexibility and convenience of working on your degree at anytime from anywhere.

What Types of Doctorate Degrees Can I Earn Online?

Not all types of doctorate degrees are available through online coursework. In fact, there are very few doctorate degree types that can be earned entirely through online classes. Some common doctorate degrees that are offered online include:

Although only a select number of doctorate degree programs are available online, most campus-based doctorate programs offer some online courses to their doctoral students.

What Do I Need to Do to Become Eligible for Admission to a Doctorate Program?

Specific admissions requirements can vary depending on the school you choose and the degree program you are interested in. Once you find a college, it is best to directly ask the admissions department what that school’s requirements are for admission to your doctorate degree program of interest.

Most online doctorate degree programs require the following for admission:

  • You must have a master’s degree from an approved college or university.
  • You must be able to present an official transcript showing that you completed your master’s degree with an acceptable grade point average.
  • You must have at least three years of professional work and leadership experience.
  • You must be a United States citizen, valid permanent resident, or visa-holding temporary resident.
  • You must complete all admissions application paperwork before the deadline.

What’s the Best Way to Pay for an Online Doctorate Degree?

At the same time you apply for admission to an online doctorate program, you should fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Although doctoral students are not eligible for federal grants, they are eligible for federal student loans.

Scholarships and fellowships are another source of student aid that, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid. Because these are awards, they can be tough to earn, but you should never pass up an opportunity to apply for either. After all, it is free money! The best way to find out about any available scholarships or fellowships is to ask your college’s financial aid department; they often have information about scholarships and fellowships being awarded by the college and other private organizations and institutions. Some fellowships that are offered by private organizations require students to participate as part-time assistants in research.

Can I Participate in an Assistantship if I am Earning My Doctorate Degree Online?

Unfortunately, most online doctorate programs do not offer assistantships to their students. Because assistantships require you to work part-time as a teaching or research assistant in exchange for a stipend, it would be counterintuitive to think that someone who needs the flexibility of online school has the time to participate in an assistantship.

However, many campus-based doctorate programs offer part-time online coursework, so you can attend a campus-based program, work as a teaching or research assistant, and take part of your classes online. Keep in mind, though, that assistantships are merit-based, and students must be recommended by faculty members.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Doctorate Degree?

Completion time for each doctorate degree type varies, because they all require different things for graduation. In general, average completion time for most online doctorate degrees is between five to seven years. Most doctorate programs require students to write and defend a dissertation before graduation. This is often what takes the longest to complete. Because most online doctorate degree students work full-time, it can take longer than average for them to complete their dissertation and can thus delay graduation time.

What Can I Do With a Doctorate Degree?

A doctorate degree is the highest level academic degree that a person can earn. Generally, you shouldn’t consider earning a doctorate degree unless you have an extreme passion for academics and a desire to contribute to the academic pool of knowledge. Most people who pursue a doctorate degree intend on becoming university professors or lifelong academic researchers. Many organizations, corporations, institutions, and government agencies also hire doctorate school graduates as consultants.

One of the most important things to note about earning a doctorate degree is that it won’t necessarily increase your salary potential. Although you could earn a good deal of money through consulting, book authorship, and university administrative work, a doctorate degree is not a guarantee that you will be wealthy.

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