20 Doctorate Degrees You May Not Know About

Did you know that you can get a doctorate in Ufology or Astrobiology? If you have a particular area of interest or passion, there might be a Ph.D program that interests you and allows you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge of the subject. In some cases, a doctorate might help you gain an edge with an employer — especially if you have an obscure specialty that a company is looking for.

Almost no subject is too obscure for a Ph.D. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can earn a doctorate in an area that represents a passion of yours. So before assuming your favorite subject is off limits for advanced study, consider these 20 doctorate degrees you might not know about:

  1. Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology: Most psychologists find their degree choices broadly defined as “experimental” or “clinical”. However, there is a Ph.D. offered in Somatic Psychology at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. This degree deals with the interaction between body and mind.

  2. DMA in Conducting: At Boston University, you can get a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in conducting. Yes, there is a doctorate degree in leading music.

  3. Ph.D. in Food Technology: Learn how to package food, learn about nutrition, and learn about how food and technology fit together. If you want to be an expert in food packaging, as well as nutrition for humans and animals, this might be the degree for you, offered by Clemson University.

  4. Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene: A number of universities actually offer you the chance to get a doctorate degree in industrial hygiene. The area of expertise is disease and injury prevention in the workplace.

  5. Ph.D. in Animal Husbandry: If you want to work with animals, and gain expertise in raising animals, you can get a Ph.D. in animal husbandry, including proper breeding. A number of agricultural based schools still offer this degree, including the Royal Agricultural College in the U.K.

  6. Ph.D. in Folklore: It’s true: You can get a Ph.D. in storytelling. Become an expert in theoretical knowledge of old stories, and learn how to tell them, interpret them, and preserve them. A fascinating degree choice for many.

  7. Ph.D. in Pastoral Care and Counseling: This degree from Liberty University is about integrating modern behavioral sciences and practices with Christian worldview.

  8. Doctor of Metaphysical Humanistic Science: You can specialize in Ufology, or in some other metaphysical area of expertise. These courses offered by the Metaphysics Institute can enhance your understanding of the paranormal.

  9. Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies: Earn a degree that can help you show your expertise in this Eastern religion. UC Berkeley offers a Ph.D. for those interested in Buddhism.

  10. Ph.D. in Mythological Studies: Pacifica Graduate Institute provides a doctorate degree for those who have extensive expertise and knowledge in mythology. Delve into the origins of many of our cultural stories, and learn more about what makes us human. Includes hybrid programs and other opportunities. 

  11. Ph.D. in Acoustics: You might be surprised that there is a doctorate available just for those interested in studying acoustics. Penn State offers this interdisciplinary degree that can help you showcase your extensive knowledge and skill when it comes to sound and other areas related to acoustics.

  12. Ph.D. in Cinema and Media Studies: Explore different films and media in a scholarly manner. By the time you finish your Ph.D. from UCLA, you will have a firm understanding of how film and other media have influenced art, how they are art, and how they function as social communication. Plenty of scholarly research to go around.

  13. Ph.D. in Astrobiology: Study life from other planets, and develop theories about extraterrestrial civilizations. Become an expert in the life that may live out there beyond the stars. Or even the evidence of bacterial life found in meteors that crash on Earth. An interesting field with many possibilities.

  14. Ph.D. in Digital Media: A lot of students entering this doctorate program are actually doing so in order to essentially get a Ph.D. in video game design. However, you can become an expert in many different types of digital media, including performing scholarly studies, as well as practical applications.

  15. Ph.D. in Agricultural Education: Learn how to teach about agriculture. Many people choose this doctorate program in order to teach at university, work with 4-H and FFA youth, or become educational outreach specialists. It’s an interesting degree that many people don’t think about in a society that is less agricultural every year.

  16. Ph.D. in Kinesiology: This is the study of the way the body moves. Many universities actually offer this degree. You can learn about ergonomics, exercise, sports injuries and motor control. Specialize in different areas that could lead to you being able to work with a number of interesting people, in a number of interesting fields.

  17. Doctoral Program in Manga: Kyoto Seika University in Japan is offering the world’s first doctorate in Manga Studies. If you like the comic/animation artform known as Manga, you can become an official expert on the subject. Learn about the theory, and become an ambassador of the culture of Mango.

  18. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine: There are different institutes that allow you to become a doctor of naturopathy. You can become an expert in the use of this holistic healing technique, and get your ND. An interesting — and growing — field related to medicine.

  19. Ph.D. in Thanatology: Calumus International University offers a doctorate designation in the study of death and dying. Become a knowledgeable expert on different cultures’ death rituals, and how society, in general, treats its dying and its dead. This is a distance course, so you can earn your Ph.D. in Thanatology from anywhere.

  20. Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure Studies: A career in having a good time? The University of Georgia offers a doctorate degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies. Other universities also offer similar doctorate degrees in Parks and Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, and Recreation Management. It’s a great way to embark on a career in fun.