What are the Most Common Online Doctorate Degrees?

More and more universities are electing to go online for their doctorate programs. This allows the student to take courses and participate in seminars from the comfort of their own homes. Assignments are submitted over email or through a special website, with minimal (if any) interaction in a physical classroom. Instead, students interact in chats with instructors, or through forums. There are many different types of degrees.

Project Management

Project managers lead teams of people in finishing a project. A doctorate in this learns about being a leader, as well as managing things such as time, budgets and tasks. Many students in project management degree programs come to the field from another field, like healthcare or education.

Computer and Information Security

Many IT techs, programmers and web gurus can earn doctorates from these courses, which teach you everything you need to know about computers. This type of doctorate degree also prepare you for some of the most high-level computer jobs in the United States, many of which require special clearances.


Some degrees let you earn an Ed.D in education, which allows you to administer a school as a principal or director, or start your own. You may also teach at an accredited institution if you have this kind of doctorate degree.


An online doctorate in counseling lets you act as a counselor for clients, depending on the discipline. Some offer professional therapy with certification, and others act as educational or financial counselors giving advice on how to implement something. The great thing about earning a doctorate in counseling is that you can further specialize in the area of counseling that most interests you.

Buyer Beware

Of course there are many other types of online doctorate degrees you can also pursue. In any case, however, one thing holds true: not all online schools are legitimate. Indeed, some are merely diploma mills with the same degree-granting power as your local fast-food restaurant – and earning a doctorate at one of these schools won’t help you land a job in your field. Always ask if the school is accredited with an organization such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Campus and Online Doctorate Degree Programs Guide

Northcentral University Psychology eLearning Accounting Marketing Financial Management Health Care Admin Public Admin Northcentral University – Northcentral University is a respected university that offers many different doctorate degree programs. Their flexible schedules allow you to pursue a degree in things such as entering information technologies, studying psychology, influencing technology course curriculum, teaching abroard, becoming a business administrator, becoming a financial manager, becoming a health care administrator, playing a leadership role in marketing, and becoming a criminal justice official.
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Walden University Criminal Justice Educational Technology Walden University – Walden University is a world-renowned leader in education and offers doctor degree programs for a wide range of subjects that can be completed at your convenience, including obtaining a high level criminal justice degree, teaching at a high level, online education, managing information systems, becoming a health policy director, becoming a public health manager, or entering psychology.
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Grand Canyon University Education Grand Canyon University – While a Christian school, GCU offers several degrees outside of Christian studies like the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership degree program. This programs is designed to shape tomorrow's leaders in education as trustworthy, strong individuals. The curriculum includes literature in statistics, leadership, existing theory, and research methodology.
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Colorado Technical University Project Management Computer Science Big Data Analysis Homeland Security Higher Education Teaching and Learning Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University's respected doctor degree programs, including Doctorates in project management, computer science, and big data analysis, are affordable and can be completed at your time.
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Liberty University Doctor of Edu. Leadership Doctor of Teaching Liberty University – Known for their economical prices, Liberty University offers an accredited online doctorate degree program for those who wish to go into educational leadership and teaching and learning.
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Saint Leo University Doctorate in Business Admin Doctorate in School Leadership Doctorate in Homeland Security Doctorate in Justice Education Saint Leo University – Saint Leo University offers several accredited online doctorates programs to its course catalog across a broad range of disciplines. These include: Business: Administration, Education: School Leadership, Criminal Justice: Homeland Security, and Criminal Justice: Education. These programs are great for students who must balance school with busy or inconsistent schedules.
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AT Still Health Education Physical Therapy Health Sciences Audiology AT Still – AT Still is one of the nation's most trusted and longest-lasting colleges that focuses on health science and other related subjects. AT Still has crafted its course catalog to target students who are looking to advance their careers with a post graduate degree. AT Still also offers four doctorates degrees online, like Health Education, Physical Therapy, Health Sciences, and Audiology.
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University of Southern California Organizational Change and Leadership University of Southern California – University of Southern California's industry-driven degree programs provide the skills needed to excel in the degree of your choice. They offer an online accredited doctorate degree in EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership for students who want to quickly achieve their goals.
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